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Alternate Ending Sample

I’m hard at work but since I’m working on multiple projects at once and life I can’t promise for a release day, but Summer is coming!

Baahir grabbed two chairs from another table and effortlessly slid them up to Toussaint’s.

“What’s good?” Baahir asked as he and Michel slid into the chairs. A photographer hired to take pictures at the event almost hurt himself rushing over to take their pictures. The Robinson family was a brand that carefully curated everything released to the public. Their social media accounts would slowly be updated with images that allowed the public to know just enough about them while maintaining their privacy. The only difference between them and other Hollywood families is the projected image of them as loyal, family oriented, ridiculously hardworking and other worldly gorgeous was actually the truth. With that being the case, it was no surprise that with familiarity it was inevitable for him to want to risk it all for a Robinson woman. He’d thought it would be Winter since she was the one that he’d had up on his bedroom ceiling as a teenager—a fact that Ali didn’t remember and TJ wouldn’t remind him of.

Summer had seemed kind of hippy dippy in interviews and Winter had been the slightly sarcastic kind of woman that he’d always liked. Not for the first time he thought Summer should come with a warning label that said “abort mission. This chick will sneak up on you and have you wanting to plant outside her house singing Jodeci until her security kills you.” Before they fell out, he’d been getting himself ready to ask her to be his girl like he was in high school. But, they fell out on some petty shit if he was being honest with himself. He’d been telling himself that he was an artist and had the right to be sensitive but that wasn’t making his nights any warmer. And her shape in that dress was reminding him of how petty their issues were.

If another man had beaten him professionally, it would have been nothing. He would have chalked it as just business and dapped the next dude up when he saw him, but for the woman that he’d thought was about to be his girl to do it? He hadn’t reacted with any of the feminism that he told himself he believed in. He’d reacted like an ashy fool. He was surprised that she wanted to talk to him. And if the only thing she wanted to say was a list of all the ways he was ashy, he’d just have to accept it on the chin and work that shit out with the Lord.

“Toussaint is sitting here with the expressive eyebrows toward Ali and I just want to know why.” Michel snagged the drink from the waiter with a brief thanks and put them on the table. He took a sniff of his and made a face. “This signature Winter and Ali drink y’all have is going to lay people out! Good thing most of these rich ass people came with drivers.” He said something in Lingala that TJ didn’t catch and didn’t ask about. Toussaint looked dubiously at the drink in Michel’s hand. Michel randomly speaking in Lingala said that he’d probably had enough anyway.

#Robinsons #Romance #BlackLove

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