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#SampleSunday Alternate Endings

This is unedited, but I wanted to get into the Sample Sunday fever with all my favs lol. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Summer stared down at her phone. She should be too busy to worry about whether a man was calling her or not, but with Toussaint it was different. He always had been. Not that he was her first good lover or even her first serious relationship, but he was the first man that she’d anticipated in a non-sexual way. The first that had given her the butterflies she’d sang about. She’d been seriously working since a teenager so she’d skipped most of the butterfly feelings of firsts. By the time she’d had her “first” anything she’d been on guard from predatory managers, producers, and rappers. Her sisters thought she was naïve. She wasn’t. She just tried not to let her cynic flag fly like Winter’s.

Winter who was staring at her now. “Toussaint huh?”

Summer carefully kept her face blank. “Toussaint what?”

Winter put down the style samples Summer had given her to critique for the plus sized line and leaned back with her arms crossed. “A birdie told me that there was something between y’all. And you’re always like ‘Winter are you keeping secrets from me?!’ I’m curious about why I wasn’t told.”

“Is that birdie a big bearded black man from Philly who put that ring set on your finger because having a new brother might be overrated,” Summer said with a roll of her eyes. Winter didn’t rise to the bait, but smirked.

“Birdie Bae is right then. You wouldn’t say anything like that if you weren’t trying to hide something.” Winter laughed loudly and shook her head. She’d pulled her signature afro curls into a mushroom that shook with her laughter. Summer reached out and gently pulled it making Winter laugh harder.

“What’s so funny?” Summer asked. Winter was funnier than most people knew but to fall out laughing like this was something she was normally too cool to do.

“This Seven Brides for Seven Brothers thing we’re on. If we had more sisters and Baahir and Ali had more friends we could go dancing on logs.”

Summer chuckled. “We do have cousins. Ali’s friend G-Money and Janelle?”

“She’d kill us!” Winter laughed even harder.

“You’re really in love for you to matchmake.” Summer never expected to see Winter like this. Not because she was unlovable because Winter was the most loyal, lovable person that Summer knew and Summer didn’t think that just because she was her sister. But she’d been so guarded for really good reasons that Summer—and probably Winter—expected her to be happily single for the rest of her life. But Ali was a force that they hadn’t counted on and the way he looked at her sister was priceless.

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