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Mother's Day Mini Short

I hope everyone is having a lovely Mothers Day and as my gift to you I'm giving you a tiny, slice of life mini short to catch up with Winter and Ali. This turned out heavier than I intended but muses and all that. This picture does NOT belong to me (though I wish the man did). I found it on Google and I think the search engine might have said it was from GQ. And no, he's not quite Ali. He's too light and his beard didn't fully graduate to Philly lushness for him to be Ali BUT he'd be so nice to come home to so I'm including him. Again. have a wonderful Mothers Day everyone!


Plump arms encircled his waist and even plumper breasts pressed against his back. Ali caressed her one of her arms gently with one large, flipping a perfect peachy pancake over with a spatula in the other. She’d called herself helping with the Mothers Day short, but really she was just distracting him. But, that’s what he knew she wanted to do and that’s what he needed.

Mothers Day was…hard for him. He didn’t lay in his bed and cry because he wasn’t good at being still like that, but it was rough. Before Winter and the Robinsons came into his life, he’d probably have sent gifts to Mama Angela, gone to see his aunt in her resting place, spoiled his first goddaughter Maya—because this day was hard for G-Money too—and then worked out until he was ready to pass out. Mothers Day without a mother wasn’t the easiest thing. He couldn’t remember his birth mother at all, and his Aunt Gladys had been the only mother that he’d ever known. And now she was gone, and the only things she had left of her was her garden room and the memories in his heart. Those memories didn’t feel like enough today.

One of Winter’s hands snuck from around his waist and quickly, slyly grabbed a piece of bacon. She darted away from him before he could grab it. She backed away from him playfully chomping on it and grinning. She was completely dressed down for the day, and while he liked her—loved her—in all her many different looks, he had to admit he liked this one the most. Her makeup was light, her hair was a puffy cloud loose around her shoulders, and her skin gleamed with a mixture of happiness and the coconut scented bronzing oil she preferred. Plus her hips in that jumpsuit were making him want to order takeout and leave the family to their own devices.

“Aye babe you said you wanted to help.” But he was grinning because he’d never get over being one of the few people to ever be privileged enough to see Winter like this. She was known as sarcastic, bossy, and cool, but playful? Not many people got to see his wife with her cheeks lifted in a playful grin, beckoning him with a piece of bacon to come away from the stove and play. He obliged, flipping the last peach pancake onto a serving platter and pulling the pan off of the burner.

“I’m trying to think if I love my bae enough to share this delicious bacon.” Winter waved it in the air, taking a small nibble of it and winding her hips like she was doing the pole dancing that she’d taken up. For fitness, she said. To drive him crazy and keep him humble is what he thought. There wasn’t much he wouldn’t do for her when she started showing him what she learned. She could tell him she wanted the moon when she was hanging from the pole, and he’d call NASA to see what they could work out.

He came around the island, and she backed up but he had longer legs, and her hips were giving him determination, so he caught her without even needing to run. He grabbed her arm and pulled her extremely willing body into his. The curves on her body fit just right, and he gave her ass a slap, and like always it rewarded him with a jiggle that had him whistling as he ate the bacon in one bite. As soon as he swallowed, he took her lips in one bite too, enjoying the way her lips tasted like the food that he’d made for her.

“Baby, I know you said you didn’t want any help but—what are y’all doing in here?” Nana Robinson stood in the doorway in her trademark pink and green tracksuit that she’d changed into after coming to the estate after church. Ali jumped back like he’d been caught with the head cheerleader by the coach at prom. Winter laughed easily, not even close to bothered.

“Keep getting fresh around this food and y’all are going to burn something or give me another great grand.” Nana had been hinting around wanting more grandchildren to spoil since the day that she’d gotten over Winter not having a wedding.

“Oh no! No kids!” Winter held her hands up, shaking her head back and forth with laughter still lingering around her plump lips. Ali laughed too but he wasn’t sure he was really feeling it. Since when did Winter not want kids? He’d known that they weren’t ready yet. He wasn’t even close to ready despite how much he adored his goddaughters, but he definitely wanted kids someday. Something on his face must have registered to her because her laughter tapered off and Nana Robinson suddenly wanted to check on Zari and Maya in the other room. His goddaughters were becoming good friends unless it came to him and then, the territorialism came out. Nana Robinson probably chose a good moment to go because a childish chorus of “MY Goddaddy!” was starting to be heard through these thick, rich people walls.

Ali turned back to go back to the oven. He had to plate the buttermilk cheddar biscuits.

“What was that look?” Winter followed on his heels to the oven.

“Nothing lil mama. It’s cool.” The day was just stressful enough that he had to consider whether he was blowing everything out of proportion. He hadn’t even thought he was ready for marriage until he met her so how was he going to honestly be mad she was saying no to kids. He’d said no to kids. Just because Maya, Zari, and suddenly wanting a mini Winter had changed his mind didn’t mean hers had to change. So he gave her a smile that felt more genuine and slipped her a little tongue when he kissed her, but that was for both their benefits.

When he turned back to the cooking, he felt her eyes still heavy on his back.

“You know I’m not saying never right? Not now. Nowhere close to now, but you know I’m not saying never?” He felt her hand on his back not quite gentle, but insistent and since that was exactly what he had thought, he welcomed the relief and chuckled to himself. Somehow, he’d gone from a dude happy to spend all night smoking and making hits in a studio to—Baahir. Hell. Next thing you know he was going to be researching which organic lavender, rich people potion would make his baby’s skin feel the best. He was still giving Baahir shit about that, but if he was honest with himself, he admired Baahir for that dedication. He’d still give him shit though. That’s what friends were for.


Ali had been weird since that moment in the kitchen. Winter hadn’t meant to hurt his feelings, but she did that to people sometimes without ever meaning any harm. She just was missing that button that Summer had that helped her always know the right thing, the soothing thing to say. She was a bulldozer and Summer was a wind—not always gentle but more able to go with the flow. Autumn was somewhere in between.

They were all sitting around the table eating and laughing—bonding. Winter didn’t consider herself especially sentimental, but moments like these she felt it. Recently, dealing with the fallout from coming out as a past victim of sexual violence, she’d needed this more. These moments of togetherness and normality. Even as powerful as her family was and as respected as she was that still didn’t keep “journalists” from tearing about her sex life and trying to find the key to what had made King Loot a grown man try to rape her as a child. Misogyny was sickening.

Some of her thoughts must have shown on her face because Winter looked up to find her mother’s eyes on her. Winter nodded at the unspoken question, assuring her mother that despite the look on her face, she was ok and turned towards her husband—who was looking at her too. His tattooed hand reached under the table for hers, giving her the kind of reassuring squeeze that had made her—infamously unromantic Winter—get on a private jet to Vegas for a quickie, tacky, unforgettable wedding that she wouldn’t take back from the world.

No, it wasn’t perfect. They were too imperfect for it to ever be, but it was perfect for her. It was the perfect partnership for growth and nurturing and this togetherness she was enjoying right now. She didn’t think any other man would fit in with the Robinson craziness like Ali did. Ali was as important a part of her family now as anyone else. So for that, she knew that someday she would lovingly bring a child of his into the world. She knew that she’d hope and pray to be half the nurturer and the protector that her mother, Nana, and his Aunt Gladys had been. For now, she’d enjoy her family and the delicious food.

And later that night, when they were back in their house, she led him down to the garden room where a painting she’d commissioned of his aunt was waiting on the easel. She couldn’t decide where he’d want it and wanted to give him the chance to make the choice. She stood next to him while he took in the image of his mother figure that had gone too soon. Aunt Gladys had been gorgeous. She’d looked like Nina Simone and with the proud bearing of a woman who knew what she had to do and did it, no questions asked and no faltering. In other words, she looked like so many of the strong women that Winter had ever known.

Winter had been so focused on tracing the spots of Ali that she could see on his Aunt Gladys’s face that she wasn’t paying enough attention to Ali. She turned to Ali, and his face was caught in a limbo between joy and tears.

“Babe are you ok?” Winter felt like this was a stupid question but knew she had to ask it. Ali shook his head like he was amused and leaned down to quickly kiss her. Winter tasted the salt of his tears on his lips but didn’t remark on them, just rubbed his arm. She leaned away from him, but his eyes were closed. Ali’s breaths began coming choppily, and Winter for once did not have any clever quips. She just opened her arms for her husband to weep in.

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