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Somebody Loves You...


She didn’t know when he’d done it or how with her sleeping in the room, but Toussaint had hung a picture of her in her hallway. She barely remembered the day, but her hair had been glaringly red so it had been sometime shortly before they’d broken up. She wasn’t doing much of anything. Just sitting, looking at sketches in comfortable clothes that she wouldn’t be seen outside in and yet, somehow he’d made her look amazing. Brilliant. She looked radiant and beloved. That was what she’d meant when she’d said that Toussaint’s artistic language was in how he framed faces. He’d framed and edited her to the point that she could feel what he felt even if he never said a word.

“Summer!” Summer looked down to see Autumn coming up her stairs. It had been a long time since she’d seen her older sister outside of work so she grinned. And then, she saw the little brown face concentrating on her steps behind Autumn. Zari was trying to walk just like Autumn and it was the most adorable thing. Summer didn’t have her camera so she took a short video with her phone, noting the time. She had to go.

Autumn stopped at the top of the stairs and gasped.

Zari ran around her mother with a shout. “Here, Te Te!” Summer picked Zari up and nuzzled her cheek. She smelled like outside with a tinge of lavender that was probably remaining from her earlier bath.

“It’s not even five in the morning. What are you doing up, baby?” Summer asked, happily accepting her niece’s wet kiss on her cheek.

Autumn answered for Zari. “We just got in from an appearance Baahir had to make in Jamaica. She slept the whole way here and now she’d up and wired .” Autumn turned her perceptive eyes from lovingly looking at her daughter to her sister. “Someone loves you. As they should.”

“Fall, it’s new.” And had almost ended before.

“No, it isn’t. Remember I caught you two leaving that closet at our wedding. I even kept the secret.” Autumn winked and took stock of Summer again. “You look happier than you have in a few months. I’m glad you and—“ Autumn glanced at her daughter who looked back at her with a wide mouthed grin. “Oh no, nosy. I see those ears quietly perking up.”

Summer laughed and tickled Zari’s stomach so those nosy ears could be entertained by laughing. “Thank you for that. Winter would have had way too much fun if she’d known then.”

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